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Kaka Liu

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Jack Zhang

Welcome the painter to join us, please
Joey Wang


From TUDODORI to DORI LAB, ambition evolution!

In 2020TUDODORI has grown into a teenager, no decadent, no proud,
after a childhood innocence and adolescent rebellion,
traveling in the sensitized with trivial things away, TUDODORI once felt exhausted,
but he did not choose to go with the flow, and chose the unusual way ——
ambition evolution


Each era has its own carrier of art and culture.
Emotional things have always been there.
In the eyes of young people of the Z age, cooler and more interesting are their favorite forms of expression.
For TUDODORI, 2020 is the year to start.
In the process of moving forward,
"encourage" will evolve. TUDODORI is both you and me.


2020, TUDODORI is ready to start!

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