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Who is DORI ?

Sesame eyes, red coat, short legs
green, sincere, fantasy, simple, love, brave
Just be myself
Not afraid of difficulties
My name is TUDODORI 
Vow to be a sweet potato star
The universe is very dark
open your eyes and you will see light
Don’t want not to fashion
Inspirational evolution

The popular cartoon cute star TUDODORI was born
on November 11, 1998. Scorpio, sentimental,
pure score, excellent in all aspects.
What, wait! You are not mistaken,
he is really a potato with magical chance!

At a very young age,
TUDODORI and his sister TUDOCOCO were adopted
by the well-meaning people
in the sweet potato village. As he grew up,
TUDODORI found his own difference.
In order to realize his dream, he became
the best sweet potato in the world.
He put on a red coat sewed
by his mother and bravely took an adventure trip.
The wonderful story began...

MUSE2A Original design the TUDODORI and TUDOCOCO cartoon images, anime stories, music song and other IP whole
industry chain cultural copyright products,22 years of creative work, through rich cultural and tourism development projects, peripheral product
research and development, Relying on the Creative Story of GamzaDori’s travel adventure from sweet potato planet to earth and galaxies in the
universe, Connect China with the world, It also reflects the "growth place" of TUDODORI, Shanghai,
which is an international metropolis with shanghai regional culture and the charm of national fashion..

Throughout the history of TUDODORI, it is actually a dependable history of "encouragement". In 2004,
TUDODORI cartoon met with children; in 2005,
TUDODORI series entered the emporium department store in Bangkok, Thailand. From 2006 to 2015, TUDODORI entered the incubation period of
concentration and a new birth after ten years’ preparation. in 2016, TUDODORI returned to China, and the first exhibition in China was successfully
held in Meilongzhen square in Shanghai; in 2019, TUDODORI worked hard to move forward --
the first and second seasons of science fiction Fairy Tale
series  "One dream one road of TUDODORI" went online. AFN2019 one belt one road (Ningxia) Animation Festival, 2019 China International Baking
Exhibition,2019 second Central Plains cultural tourism industry fair, 2019 Yan'an Cultural Heritage Expo, Second World mascot carnival, 2020 third
Ya'an panda Lantern Festival and other activities frequently adorable the Westin Sanya Haitang Bay Resort "parent child Tou on island" thermal start.
"Dori dream future theme exhibition" made an amazing appearance in Yinzhou impression city, Ningbo. In 2020, the third and fourth seasons of
TUDODORI science fiction Fairy Tale series "One dream one road of TUDODORI" come back,
All kinds of industrial exhibitions and brand cooperation will be realized one after another.
Super cool launch of "the sprouting of potatoes and the creation of super stars".
The flash tour of "inspirational evolution" is even more ready to take off and live a dream.

[inspirational evolution] the flash mob tour will take advantage of the powerful influence of
"TUDODORI" animation IP brand and the rich operation ability of the platform, relying on the power of 5 million fans around the world,
Focusing on the emotional and material cultural life needs of the whole age audience and parent-child families,
combined with the development and production of original animation content, authorization and cooperation,
animation brand marketing and distribution and other diversified industrial business models,
Endow IP fashion play with the deep cultural core of cross-border cooperation between integrated business,
integrate the brand promotion concept of animation State tide,
overseas market cultural promotion,capital strategic cooperation and other comprehensive brand expansion methods,
It injects creative and energetic original fresh blood into the field of commercial real estate.

[inspirational evolution] will not only be a "tour", but also an animation fashion party integrating "fashion play culture,
interactive experience and food fun creativity". Its theme gene - "don't want" and "inspirational" interest collide and conflict impact,
vividly drawing out the big emotional pain point and small life tangle of contemporary people. Everyone "doesn't want to",
but in fact, there are many "wants"; everyone is very difficult, but still trying to smile "motivation". The activity takes golden sentence as slogan,
takes "don't want to inspire" as the "tag", arouses emotional resonance and captures people's hearts in a second. During the packaging,
promotion, tour and flash of the activity, golden sentence often changes, creativity never ends, brand trendy attitude is always reflected,
arouses popular discussion, realizes rapid upgrading from abstract to entity, from animation art to trend culture,
and is practical To maximize the benefits of the current capital strategic cooperation.


No. Country / Region Title Date
1 Shanghai,China On November 11, 2020, TUDODORI Ushered In 22nd Birthday 2020-11-11
2 China,Shanghai From GamzaDori to CHA DORI, ambition evolution! 2020-07-29
No. Country / Region Title Date
No. Country / Region Title Date


  • RetailWe will sell all kinds of self-produced cartoon image products in online shopping malls and offline entities in major cities, and strive to convey the idea of "Don’t want not to fashion" through aesthetics.
  • PartnershipThrough strategic cooperation with global partners, launch cooperation products and patent products, and share each other's philosophy, culture and enterprise value.
  • ContentsAt the same time of making animation and games independently in GamzaDori creative studio, combining past experience and future technology, we will expand our business field in a new way.

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